CREATE CAÑON CITY  was conceived as a response to the current challenges every community has in completing capital projects.  As the economy sagged in recent years the availability of tax based funding has all but disappeared leaving dozens of local projects tabled for months or even years.  In the meantime these projects degraded into deferred maintenance nightmares potentially costing the citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

In years gone by citizens relied less on their local governments to complete projects of civic significance and took them on directly.  There was a point in time where local citizens would have banded together and provided the expertise, labor and materials to do projects that would have a positive effect on the community.  This “barn raising” mentality, once so prevalent in society, is the driving force behind the CREATE CAÑON CITY concept.


CREATE CAÑON CITY is a not for profit enterprise comprised of a group of local business and construction experts.  Together we intend to form the nucleus of a new type of organization, specifically focused on completing projects of civic significance - all with local private funding and tradespeople.  Watch us as we work toward a new way of getting work done or better yet, come join us in any way you can.

Federal Employer Tax ID Number 45-4476362                                     501 (c) (3) Application Pending

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